Ensure your employees' well-being

The best outcome begins before your employee walks through the doctor’s door
Be the guardian of your workforce, put the power of data behind the selection of the safest, most effective doctors.

Better functional outcomes at lower cost

Modus doctors are rewarded for higher patient function, not for more services. You win and your employee wins too.

We rate and guide our doctors' practices towards the best outcomes in real-time

Modus integrates with and simplifies the doctors' existing workflow, providing a patented machine-learning technology that visually guides doctors towards the best practice options while they treat patients

Our approach

Better outcomes at lower cost are possible when data guides doctor selection and practices
Be the guardian of your workforce

1 Week

No Obligation, custom analysis of your own data to project potential benefits

4 Weeks

Establish custom network of the safest doctors, with Payer/TPA integration

6 Months

Pilot results are measured by:
i. Fewer unnecessary procedures/surgeries 
ii. Higher patient-reported function 
iii. $ Savings/Encounter

Our team

A team that's dedicated to the customers' success. We have extensive knowledge in medicine, digital technology, operational excellence and executive leadership

Ali Alhimiri, MD

Founder, CEO, and CMO

Steve Bennett

Co-founder, and COO

John Vander Meulen

Vice President of Sales

Andrew Shelby

Chief Product Architect

Manohar Kamalapurkar, MBA

Product Director

Charles Yorke, PhD

Data Sciences and Analytics

Sandra Moran

Marketing Advisor

Ted Dacko

Strategy Advisor

Francis Glorie

Finance Advisor

Our network
Informed by Data, Measured by Outcomes

Your employee's outcomes are determined by the doctor they choose
We have ranked every Musculoskeletal doctor nationwide.
Find the safest in your area

No obligation. Search your zip code below to take a glimpse into stage 1 of our product: analysis of doctors in your area and their potential benefits