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About Modus

Why Modus?

  • Under current systems, physicians are incentivized to provide more, not better care, and are rewarded based on patient volume regardless of patient outcomes

  • This results in high costs and lost productivity due to prolonged disability, greatly harming patients, their family, and the community that they live in

  • Outcomes are currently still being managed by inefficient, costly, and antiquated systems

  • Musculoskeletal Patients Deserve The Highest Functional Outcomes & Employers Deserve The Best Value

  • The current annual US musculoskeletal spending is $210/Live/Month (#1 healthcare cost)

  • A 5,000-employee company would spend a whooping average of $26 Million annually solely on MSK care

  • US employers carry the vast burden of healthcare spending (58% vs. 22% by Medicare) while paying 2.4x what medicare pays for the same services

My Personal Why?

It is essential to use procedures and surgeries only when the benefits outweigh the risks of harm to patients

As a practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, I feel a visceral gut punch when I see a patient who is presented with the most expensive and aggressive treatment as a first-line option, often by a physician selling false hope to that anxious patient for their monetary gain. Too often, that aggressive care leads to a lifetime of catastrophic chronic pain and drug dependence for the patient. Unfortunately, this scenario happens all too frequently, and oftentimes safe, conservative care cannot significantly reverse these adverse effects.

Choosing the right doctor has a ripple effect on the patient's outcomes and life, and impacts their families, employers, community, and society in general. Currently, there is no credible or systematic process in place to help guide patients when making this important decision.

Physicians take an oath to first "do no harm", and it is a basic expectation for physicians to act in the patient's best interest. Unfortunately, NOT ALL PHYSICIANS ARE TRUSTWORTHY.

What is Modus?

Modus is a patented value-based digital health technology that enables employers to find, rate and reward physicians who serve the patients’ and employers’ best interests

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  • Patients are looking for good physicians that they can trust

  • Employers want better value for their spending

  • Good physicians are eager to show their value and be rewarded for it

We simplify and standardize quality outcomes, measure and guide physicians to optimize patients' functional outcomes for dollars spend.

Modus sets out to correct the systemic flaws by aligning the interests of patients, employers and physicians, skyrocketing cost trends will be reversed as the patient's own physician is the steward of both care and cost.

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