Access unique and powerful insights into a doctor’s practice pattern

Evaluating the practice of a doctor shouldn’t be based on online reviews or the quantity of procedures conducted, it should be based on an unbiased rating system based on actual claims data.


Get the most value from your existing provider network

Using our proprietary analytics, we regularly review practice trends of all MSK doctors in the USA. We will run our Clinical Intelligence with your provider information to identify the Modus recommended doctors and help you guide your employees to the right doctor.
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Alternate ways to our access our Clinical Intelligence

We have available  a choice of solutions to best suit your needs and ensure a simple and seamless integration with existing workflows. With Modus, you don’t need to replace your existing provider network, we sit on top of it.

Static list

A static text-based list is suited for more traditional teams that do not currently use softwares to choose providers to direct their employees to.

API integration

For teams that currently use and like specific  softwares, we can directly integrate with those softwares and send information in real time using APIs.

Web-based portal

Our web-based portal allows teams to search for specific locations and care specialities to produce a list of top recommended providers.
Save up to


off the total cost of care
Reduce up to


of permanent disability
Minimize up to


of all opioids used.
Reduce up to


of procedures and surgeries.

Improved productivity and reduce costs

Direct benefits to the employees but also to your organization

By promoting more conservative treatments, employers will have a direct impact on their employees’ wellbeing and positively affect their productivity. Reduced mobility due to musculoskeletal conditions greatly affects an individual’s overall health, with increased incidence of cardiac disease, hypertension, obesity, and mental health issues.


Services designed to target employers’ highest healthcare expenditures

By focusing on the seven top MSK specialities that contribute to the highest expenditures and poorest outcomes, Modus has the ability to significantly impact your cost of care. We plan to expand increase our capacity to include Cardiology, Oncology, and Primary care.

Interventional Pain Management

Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic Spine

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine

Pain Management

As a practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, I feel a visceral gut-punch when I see an anxious and vulnerable patient presented with the most expensive and aggressive treatment as a first-line option for care, often by a physician selling false hope for their monetary gain.
We can do much better than that.
Ali Alhimiri, M.D
Co-Founder and CEO of Modus

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We would like the opportunity to prove the unique benefits Modus can have on your organization by conducting a complementary analysis of your claims data.
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