We use a unique approach to offer better care for less

We find the safest and most effective doctors nationwide, guide and rate their practices towards best outcomes in real-time, and reward them for higher patient function and lower cost.
Vetted doctors nationwide
Rewards based on patient’s outcomes
Access to patented technology
Best practices knowledge transfer
Dedicated end-to-end care team

Our unique 360-solution

A solution perfectly tailored for the employers, employees, and  doctors who want to promote transparency and quality care.

Employees’ Concierge

A simplified path for your employees to access our doctors and avoid unnecessary and aggressive procedures.

Employer’s Dashboard

Business Intelligence data including your employees’ health information as well as management tools to help you make better-informed decisions.

Doctor’s Portal & EHR app

An invaluable tool to reduce administrative tasks, and to allow doctors to be recognized and rewarded for providing high-value care.
keep all existing vendors and systems in place

We adapt to all types of employers and organizations

Self Administered Workers' Compensation

Self-insured and administered employers can significantly increase their workers' compensation performances thanks to our unique solution.

Group Health Plans

Employers and employee organizations can increase their performance by using Modus technology, our Doctor Network and other unique features.

Third-Party Administrators

TPA can provide great value to their clients by using Modus Doctor Network

We designed our solutions to provide better care for less

We are dedicated to our customers' success and have extensive knowledge in medicine, digital technology, operational excellence, and executive leadership.

Give your employees better care