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Step 1

Target setting
We work collaboratively with you to understand your goals and priorities. With your claims data, we perform an advanced  analysis to set clear KPI’s and achievable targets aligned with your priorities.

Step 2

Modeling application
We categorize your existing providers into two categories: the recommended and the undesirable doctors.Based on the agreed targets, we decide how restrictive we want the categories to be.

Step 3

We finalize the workflow procedures that enable your team to access Modus and start deploying your preferred access method. We work with your team to ensure the onboarding is smooth and effective.


Alternate ways to our access our Clinical Intelligence

A static text-based list is suited for more traditional teams that do not currently use softwares to choose providers to direct their employees to.
For teams that currently use and like specific  softwares, we can directly integrate with those softwares and send information in real time using APIs.
Our web-based portal allows teams to search for specific locations and care specialities to produce a list of top recommended providers.


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We are dedicated to our customers' success and have extensive knowledge in medicine, digital technology, operational excellence, and executive leadership.

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