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Our process is fast and intuitive, and completely transparent. Employers can keep all existing vendors and systems in place, as Modus was designed to easily integrate with your existing systems.
High level report
week 1

Receive a comprehensive custom report

We provide you with a custom analysis of your data to project all potential benefits. No obligations attached.
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Review your current spending and potential savings
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Understand new areas of opportunities
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Evaluate your existing network of doctors
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Identify any preventable catastrophic claims
Modus network of doctors
WEEK 4 - 8

Set up of your localized center of excellence

We will help you establish a custom local network of outstanding doctors. Modus integrates with your current vendors and systems to ensure minimum friction.
Employee's health concierge feature to book a meeting

Pilot the solution with your employees

We will support you in promoting this solution to your employees with supporting materials, ensuring we meet all objectives.
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Reduce unnecessary procedures or surgeries
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Provide a higher patient-reported function
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Save on the total cost of MSK care per patient

Review your results

We will hold frequent meetings to review your workers' compensation cases with our claims team and Modus doctors.

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