Find: Explore the safest physicians near your patients, benchmarked nationally using AI-Powered analytics

  • You don't need every doctor or therapist in town, our tool enables the selection of fewer quality clinicians in your locations by evaluating their trends of care.

  • Specialities: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Physical and Occupational therapy.

  • Past & real-time medical claims data analysis using our proprietary value care determination that classify your claims into 3 categories:

i. Non-aggressive care: Treatments that lead to faster and better functional recovery.

ii. Aggressive, low value care: Elective, expensive, procedural/surgical treatments that led to disability.

iii. Hyper-aggressive, harmful, worse value care: Excessive use of elective, expensive, procedural/surgical treatments that turn simple cases into catastrophic claims, with long-term disability and opioid dependency.

RATE: Guide physicians toward quality outcomes in real-time, using patented knowledge transfer and rating technology in our iPad App

Modus Physicians “Doing Well By Doing Good” Rated based on 4 key metrics:

1. Routinely following best practice standards

2. Improving patient-reported function

3. Improving patient satisfaction

4. Lowering cost

REWARD: Accountable network physicians, who are rewarded for higher patient functional outcomes & lower employers cost.

Modus provides nationwide access to the best function-oriented musculoskeletal specialists: physical medicine & rehabilitation physicians (Doctor of Function), as well as physical and occupational therapists:

  • Continually monitoring functional outcome

  • Allow open dialogue between the physician and all other parties

  • Enhanced access: available for urgent triage (in person/virtually) to our medalists physicians who manage the care throughout the patient journey until optimal recovery.

  • Physician steward of care patient focused model: Optimized time with patients, whole person focus, behavioral health integration and referrals care management

  • Disability early prediction due to personal/environmental risk factors impacting Return to Work potential

  • Setting custom quality goals that fits unique employers and industry population needs

  • Setting custom sickness and disability forms that fits unique employers and industry population needs

For Workers Compensation:

  • Define injured worker appropriate job duties that set return to work goals (modified and full)

  • Real-time access to employee progress towards return-to-work and functional goals with custom alerts for therapy effectiveness

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging and document transferring between claims managers and clinicians