Get a meaningful and dynamic list of rated physicians that can be trusted to provide the best value for their employees. We rate physicians nationwide as GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE MEDALISTS based on:

- Routinely following best practice guidelines

- Improving patient reported function

- Improving patient satisfaction

- Lowering cost

Employers and claims managers leverage our Medalist for:

Sourcing trusted clinicians and steering employees to the best clinicians

Ensuring highest quality care for their employees

Physicians and Therapists

Get recognized and rewarded for providing the best patient outcomes for every dollar spent

Our Physicians and therapist use a MSK focused iPad app that:

-Visually guide them towards best practice while treating patients

- Uses AI to optimize clinical guidelines

- Tracks patient functional recovery

- Simplifies clinical documentation and workflow

- Mines data relating to clinicians’ approach to patient care

- Integrates with clinicians EHRs