Physicians and Therapists

Clinicians point of care best practice guidance that optimizes patients functional outcomes for the dollars spent.

iPad app that:

  • Visually guides clinicians in real time to best practice

  • Uses AI to optimize clinical guidelines

  • Tracks patient functional recovery

  • Simplifies clinical documentation and workflow

  • Mines data relating to clinicians’ approach to patient care

  • Integrates with clinicians EHRs


Modus TRUST SCORE rates physicians and therapists as GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE, based on 4 key metrics:

  1. Routinely following best practice guidelines

  2. Improving patient reported function

  3. Improving patient satisfaction

  4. Lowering cost

Employers and claims managers leverage our TRUST SCORE for:

  • Managing claims

  • Sourcing trusted clinicians

  • Steering employees to the best clinicians

  • Ensuring highest quality care for their employees

A dashboard with our TRUST SCORE that ranks physicians as GOLD, SILVER, or BRONZE, based on 4 key metrics that become the basis for physicians and therapist incentive payments.