Doctor’s Portal & EHR app

Doctors are invited to join the Modus Network based on past performance using our internal rating system. We provide doctors with a platform to be recognized and rewarded for the value of care they provide.

Rewarded for better outcomes and lower costs

Outstanding doctors are recognized and rewarded for better results at the lowest total cost of care. Modus pays a monthly value-based payment to doctors based on the population outcomes according to our internal ranking criteria. Thus, doctors don’t need to provide discounted, volume-based care.
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Doctors compliance with best practices
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Employees’ functional outcomes
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Employees’ satisfaction
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Total cost of care
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Ipad with the Modus app
Tracking of patient's recovery

In-app tracking of patients' functional recovery

Thanks to our technology, doctors can easily monitor, access, and manage patients' reported functional recovery in real-time.

Clinical documentation made easy

We provide the most effective and efficient way to keep track of all clinical documentation using a user-centered visual interface.
Doctor's EHR app showing patient's function

Features & Software integrations

There is no need to change your current workflows: our solutions perfectly integrate with any existing software, including FHIR and EHR.
Patient’s self-assessments
Functional progress in therapy
Lab tests
Hospitals and other data
Payers data
Tracking of patient's recovery

Automatic reminders to follow quality metrics

Receive real-time reminders that includes HEDIS measures, Traditional MIPS, MACRA, MIPS APMs/APM Performance Pathway (APP), etc.

Discover all Modus products

A 360-solution perfectly tailored for the employers, employees, and  doctors who want to promote transparency and quality care.

Employees’ Concierge

A simplified path for your employees to access our doctors and avoid unnecessary and aggressive procedures.

Employer’s Dashboard

Business Intelligence data including your employees’ health information as well as management tools to help you make better-informed decisions.

Doctor’s Portal & EHR app

An invaluable tool to reduce administrative tasks, and to allow doctors to be recognized and rewarded for providing high-value care.

Give your employees better care