Employer’s Dashboard

Get access to Business Intelligence data with your employees’ health information to make better-informed decisions.

Keep track of your population’s well-being

With our dashboard, you can easily view how the population's health is performing.
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Doctors compliance with best practices
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Employees’ functional outcomes
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Employees’ satisfaction
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Total cost of care
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Doctor's EHR app showing patient's function

Access Workers Compensations injuries recovery in real-time

Set up a return-to-work plan for your employees with modified or complete duties. With Modus, you can monitor the therapy and rehabilitation progress, your employee’s recovery, and functional outcomes in real-time.

Our care team becomes part of your team

Our doctors are proud to be held accountable for the recovery of their patients. We use HIPAA-certified communication channels, so doctors can efficiently communicate with our care team and stay informed on the recovery process.
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Discover all Modus products

A 360-solution perfectly tailored for the employers, employees, and  doctors who want to promote transparency and quality care.

Employees’ Concierge

A simplified path for your employees to access our doctors and avoid unnecessary and aggressive procedures.

Employer’s Dashboard

Business Intelligence data including your employees’ health information as well as management tools to help you make better-informed decisions.

Doctor’s Portal & EHR app

An invaluable tool to reduce administrative tasks, and to allow doctors to be recognized and rewarded for providing high-value care.

Receive comprehensive monthly reports

We produce monthly, easy-to-understand reports to keep you informed on our findings and results using the data collected. Transparency is key to us, and we are confident we can live up to our promises.
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Avoid unnecessary procedures and surgeries
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Provide a higher patient-reported function
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Save on the total cost of MSK care
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Improve your employees’ satisfaction

Receive a tailored report

We can provide a high level report of your organization that includes potential savings on total cost of care.
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Give your employees better care