Powerful, sophisticated, and patented care solutions

By using our patented, AI-driven, best practice technology, Modus Doctors provide the highest quality care and ensure patients better functional outcomes .
Employee's health concierge feature to book a meeting

Easy to use for employees

With a wide range of communication channels, ranging from phone, email, website to app, Modus perfectly adapts to your employees’ needs.
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Book appointments
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Communicate directly with the MSK care team
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Access all documents

Most effective solution for employers and administrators

We have created solutions to facilitate the management of your employees’ well-being. We will give you access to Business Intelligence data to help you make better-informed decisions.

Invaluable help for doctors

Our technology actively promotes the doctor-patient relationship by freeing up more time for the doctor to spend on better patient care.
Doctor's EHR app showing patient's function

Give your employees better care